Dear Tenant,


Be very aware of dealing with Macprop Residential Renting. At this very moment, I have a ruling against them dated 8 May 2017, which they are ignoring.  Please also find attached proof and documentation of said event(s).

When my girlfriend and I broke up, I knew I would not be able to afford my unit any longer. I advised the landlord (Macprop) of my circumstances and gave notice (60 days as per contract) on 1 December 2016. Up to that moment, my account was not in arrears.

Instead of the monthly bill of approximately R10,300 I receive per month, I could only transfer R7,000 in December 2016. The same applied for January 2017. I had no means of covering the full amount, but knew I had a full deposit in place of R10,300 which would cover the outstanding balance.

Come 31 January 2017, after a double shift at work, heading home to move my belongings, all locks have been changed by Macprop. I contacted Latitia Smith immediately, and she informed me to pay the outstanding balance before collecting my belongings in the morning. In doing so, they also locked up my two dogs inside the premises without food and water. All doors and windows were sealed.

I informed her that this was unethical and unacceptable behaviour, but she just laughed and advised me to get a lawyer. In front of a witness (the guard), I informed her that I would proceed in breaking a window to recover my beloved pets. Which I did.

I left the premises with dogs and clothing I gathered on the way out. Now, four months later, I patiently followed procedures and finally ended up with the Rental Tribunal, which assist both landlords and tenants in case of a dispute. On 8 May 2017 a ruling was made against Macprop.

In fact, such was the arrogance of Mrs. Latitia Smith, that she even ignored a subpoena issued by the Rental Tribunal and failed to show at said hearing.  (See 3. under Introduction).

In short, they were instructed to:

  • remove my name from ITC or any other blacklisting
  • refund the balance of my deposit
  • release personal belongings with immediate effect

On 1 June 2017, I was allowed to collect my personal belongings. It was no longer in the unit I rented, but packed and re-stored at @7 Jenny Place, Stellenberg Road, Equestria. When we opened the unit, there was NO goods stored. None. Forty-Five minutes later, after numerous phone calls, and keys brought to the premises, my belongings were found in unit 23. Half my personal belongings was missing though! To date, I am still awaiting feedback as to what happened.

I am going back to the Rental Tribunal for a hearing set on 11 July 2017, but I cannot and WILL not be silent any longer. Mrs Smith eventually responded to my concern regarding all the lost items on 19 June 2017 (see attached letter).

Now, Macprop: I am a small guy without financial resources to fight a giant in Court. In fact, I have personal experience of that four years ago against a major financial institution. I know the game they play. This time, I will not fight you in the echelons of High Court, but on Social Media. Where even my voice will be heard!

I know of several other tenants that were treated in similar fashion. PLEASE! I am sharing this on social media that this notice can reach you! Make contact with me so that I can assist you in dealing with Mrs Latitia Smith and their kind.

I also wish to thank The Rental Tribunal which assisted my with utmost professionalism and speedily conduct. Mr. Esrom Mohlhala ~ hats off to you and your team. I salute you!

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