Walter Sisulu Botaniese Tuine Stap

HT#11 Walter Sisulu Botaniese Tuine STAP: Inskrywingsvorm


2 Oktober 2021 Walter Sisulu Botaniese Tuine Stap (piekniek ingesluit)

Bring eie tent, of bewoon ons 4-man Coleman Tent @ EOK#9

Hier gaan ons alweer!

Ons gaan alweer lekker stap!

This Botanical Garden was founded in 1982, but has been a popular venue for outings since the 1800's. After our hike, #kultuurAvontuurkamp STAPGROEP will entertain all the hikers at the picnic venue. The Garden and nature reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife with about 240 bird species recorded on site. A breeding pair of Verreaux’s Eagles nest on the cliffs near the waterfall. A surprising number of mammal species have been sighted recently, using camera trap technology. The presence of these rather secretive animals is a sign that the ecosystem of the estate remains viable, despite being surrounded by development.
The natural vegetation of the area is a mosaic of three main vegetation types; Egoli Granite Grassland, Gold Reef Mountain Bushveld and Northern Afrotemperate Forest. This variety of habitats accommodates over 600 naturally occurring plant species.
This Botanical Garden was founded in 1982, but has been a popular venue for outings since the 1800’s. The Garden has been voted the best place to get back to nature in Gauteng for several years in a row. The office building, originally a farmhouse, is where the garden management team is based. It also houses a small herbarium and reference library which may be visited by appointment. 


Kultuur Avontuur Kamp

Maklike Aanlyn Bespreking

Wat moet jy saambring? Verversings. Ordentelike stapskoene. Kampstoel. Sonskerm. Hoed. Verkyker (as jy het). Muskiet-goed. Reënjas. Swemhandoeke. FUN Attitude. Lagspiere. Stapstok (as jy het). Alles wat jy wil eet of drink vir die Braai.


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